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Sample Lesson Plan & Syllabus

Rock, RCM, Classical, Acoustic, Songwriting/Composition
Learn Guitar From A McGill Music Graduate & Seneca College Professor

    My students receive:

  • Personalized & Explicit study plan for all levels & styles

  • Expert guidance & feedback

  • Access to a professional recording studio

  • Flexible scheduling & affordable rates

My expertise & learning focuses on for Beginner and Intermediate:

  • Acoustic Campfire: Strumming, Singing, Playing Popular Songs

  • Rock/Blues: Riffs, Solos, Scales, Modes, Improvisation

  • Classical: Fingerstyle, Reading Music, Technique, Repertoire

  • Theory & Ear Training: Chords, Intervals, Harmony, Melody, Transcription, Musical Analysis (motifs, phrases, melody control)

  • Songwriting & Composition: Creativity, Structure, Lyrics, Arrangement, Production & Instrumental Writing. Learn Sibelius & compose for orchestra.

  • Production & Electric Gear: Learn Production, Recording, Mixing, Electric Guitar Software/Hardware & Tone. 10,000 hours of producing and mixing.

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