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Matija Krunic HBA HBFA
McGill / Concordia Bachelors Composition & Guitar

Electric Rock, RCM, Classical, Acoustic, Songwriting/Composition.
Learn Guitar From a McGill Music Graduate &
Seneca College Professor. Toronto & Online Guitar Lessons.

  5-stars on Google, 20 Years Exp.

BlogTO 's Top Rated Toronto Guitar Teacher.  

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 Progress With Ease & Joy | Step-By-Step Lesson Plan

Rock, Classical, Campfire Acoustic, RCM.

Plus: Songwriting, Theory, Composition, Improv, Ear Training, Guitar Gear, Production.

Toronto / Online Beginner & Intermediate Guitar Teacher.

Matija Krunic HBA HBFA - McGill / Concordia Bachelors Composition & Guitar. Seneca College Professor.

Beginner to advanced lessons, from Campfire Acoustic, Rock-Blues, Classical, Improvisation, Fusion, & write your own music.


I've helped 100s of students become confident & creative guitarists.

My students receive:

  • Personalized & Explicit study plans for all levels & styles

  • Expert guidance & feedback

  • Access to a professional recording studio


My teaching expertise:

  • Acoustic Campfire: Strum, folk fingerstyle, sing & play popular songs

  • Rock - Blues - Improv: Play riffs, solos, scales, modes & improvise

  • Classical: Play fingerstyle, read music, develop technique, analysis & repertoire

  • Theory & Ear Training & RCM: Understand chords, intervals, harmony, & melody

  • Songwriting & Composition:  Unleash your creativity, lyrics, & production

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