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Matija Krunic HBA HBFA
Univeristy Educated Composer/Guitarist

Top Rated Toronto Guitar Teacher on BlogTO  

Progress With Ease & Joy With My Step-By-Step Pedagogy

 Rock, Classical, Campfire Acoustic, RCM | Toronto Guitar Lessons, 20 years Teaching.

Plus: Songwriting, Theory, Composition, Improv, Guitar Gear, Production.

Step-by-Step Beginner / Intermediate Toronto Guitar Lessons.

Matija Krunic HBA HBFA: McGill University-educated Composer/Guitarist. Seneca College Professor.

  • Practical lessons in Acoustic Campfire, Rock, Classical, Theory & Ear Training.
  • Plus, Songwriting & Composition 101 to advanced, can be taught for any instrument.
  • Explicit study plans provided, lessons summarized in video recording.

  • Healthy ergonomics & solid technique..

  • Improvisation, tone control, & fretboard mastery.

  • Superb communication skills, I can explain complex topics in numerous ways. 

  • Matija is a recording artist & songwriter, my samples: Rock, Pop rock, Fusion, and Jazzy Classical Guitar.

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